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Connecting Profile

Connecting profile applications

Connecting profiles are used in both straight and angled form, and are available in various thicknesses. They join two plastic or wood sheets together thereby guaranteeing tightness. The thickness of the connecting profile is matched to that of the sheets to be joined.   

3/10 - is our formula for the success of your connecting profile. We deliver all our profiles within 3 working days and complete new tooling for your special profile within 10 days. The length of the bar can be freely selected and finishing includes cutting to length, mitring, perforations and slots, milling and punching. The PVC profile is set to the individual colour for minimum orders of 500 metres. The length of the bar is completed as requested by the customer. We employ numerous materials: Perspex (PMMA), polycarbonate and rigid PVC are utilised for profiles for interior and exterior applications, as well as the plastic profiles used in furniture and window manufacture. Flexible PVC or thermoplastic elastomers are employed for sealing profiles such as gaskets and sealing lips.